Vector is an open source javascript library for creating interactive graphics. View the repository, run the tests, or meet the team.


We are a group of seniors at the University of Utah. This is our Senior Capstone Project that we have been working on for the past year. We spent the spring semester forming our team and designing the project. This fall we have implemented most of the functionality. If you have a general question or comment send us an email at


I am an undergraduate senior working on a computer science bachelor’s degree. Outside of school, I’m passionate about music, running, and the outdoors. My experience being both a student and teaching assistant in programming has made me appreciate the value in tools that are powerful and still easy to learn. My motivation for this project has been to be a part of creating such a tool that helps others to learn and enjoy writing code.


I am 23 years old and graduating this semester with a degree in Computer Science. Some of my favorite hobbies are video games, puzzles, and running. My academic interests outside of computing include sociology, art, and world religion. My interest in this project comes from creating geographic weather interactives, and seeing how challening it was to use existing tools.


I am a senior graduating this december with a computer science degree. In addition to this project I also built a website about math that utilizes this library to create interactive math visuals. I am currently looking for a job where I can continue to learn, meet new people, and develop good software.


I am a senior in the combined BS/MS computer science program and will graduate in Spring 2021. I am currently interested in research opportunities and hope to continue my education after graduating by participating in a PhD program. I am especially interested in data visualization and am a part of the Visualization Design Lab here at Utah.

University of Utah